Betches Love This DJ: Clinton Sparks

It's time for betches everywhere to meet our new bestie Clinton Sparks. You've probably heard him on so many mixes and songs but like, didn't realize it. He's a DJ, producer, songwriter, and motherfucking boss. He's known to collab with Lady Gaga, Akon, Pitbull, Ludacris, Rick Ross, Tyrese, T-Pain, The Game and Biggie Smalls, is E!'s music correspondent, and DJ/hosts Smash Time Radio on XM. He's like Ryan Seacrest plus 5 inches. Other important shit you should know about Clinton: He's the resident DJ at Palms in Vegas, was nominated for a Grammy, and just signed with Mass Appeal/Strictly Rhythm. He can't help it he's so popular. 

Oh and another thing, you're all the first to hear his new single “Watch You” featuring Pitbull right here

But more importantly this bro is actually really chill, and we like that about him. So here is our interview, here are his new tracks, and here is a picture of him loving betches. All are sick. 

Betches: So, can you tell us a little about how you got started?

Clinton: I started as a lonely, friendless 10 year old boy in my bedroom in Dorchester (that's a town in Boston) trying to DJ & manipulate music on my moms little stereo. I began writing lyrics to musical breaks in existing songs, then taught myself to DJ, dance, rap & moved onto making beats. I've done everything from talent shows to choreographing cheerleading teams to making platinum songs, being nominated for a Grammy & everything in between. Aside from swimming with sharks or taking Kazoo lessons.

Betches: Well it's Shark Week so maybe it's time to give that shit a whirl. 

Betches: We wrote a post #58 House Music, but in no way were we really referring to house, but maybe we were, it's unclear. Do you ever get really annoyed that people can't tell the difference between music genres, like house/techno/electro/dub? Are DJs touchy about this subject?

Clinton: I personally do not because my theory is F Format & Genre. It's just music. It's good or it's bad & that's subject to the listener. We all don't necesarily like the same thing but who am I to say what you like sucks when it obviously doesn't to you? I get it when some people are completely ignorant to something that is dear to someone else &  they are annoyed but it's pointless to get angry, so I say, hooray for music good & bad. There's a place for everything. Even if you don't like it.

Betches: It's fine, you can tell us you hate us, we can take it.

Betches: When you're making a mix are you ever scared that the popular songs that you include will be old by the time it's released?

Clinton: Sometimes this crosses my mind but if you listen to my mixes then you know that you're not going to hear it anywhere else the way I presented it. I make it different so it stays new forever to a newbie who stumbled upon my mix a year later. Like, are you serious? he actually has Carly Rae Jepsen on this raging mix? Then you hear it & say, wow, he actually made that sound hard. At least I hope that's what happens.

Betches: Yeah well at first we were like, is Carly Rae Jepsen really on Mixtape 3? And then we were like, okay… true.

Betches: When you're making a mix do you ever think, “this is a great song to have sex to”?

Clinton: I mean since we're all adults, is there really a song that would prevent us from having sex? If so, then you may have childhood issues that that song plays a part in.

Betches: I mean I don't think I would ever want to give head to Barbie Girl, but that's just me. 

Betches: You're clearly besties with Ludacris, what's that like?

Clinton: Ha, Luda is an awesome guy, father & artist. He's very clever & down to earth. Most artists who I happen to be buddies vary from are from Travie to Pitbull, they are regular dudes who like to joke & we all snap on each other. I've always been the classs clown in school so the music biz is like a big high school to me… so you can obviously see me pranking Eminem or messing with Rick Ross at his house (all on Youtube). I just like to have fun & laugh.


Betches: If you could be anything other than a DJ what would it be?

Clinton:  Would be in either real estate or marketing & advertising. I enjoy both & study them. Or I may own a dessert shop. I loooove cookies.

Betches: So this would be an appropriate time to ask our next question…

Betches: You once tweeted ” I would like to make a human cheerleader pyramid with @betchesluvthis and when we collapse we land in a pool of cookies” .. what exactly did you mean by that?

Clinton: Cookies & Betches rule is what I meant by that. Not a big fan of pyramids but it made for a good visual.

Betches: …are cookies a carb? 

Betches: What do you say to people who say “DJs are just people who know how to push a few buttons really quickly.”

Clinton: Honestly I wouldn't say anything but seeing as this is an interview & answers to questions make a Q&A more compelling to read, I guess I'd say that even if perhaps a DJ is pushing buttons live, it doesn't take away anything from the work he has done previously to make the best show/experience for you. I mean it's kinda like sitting in a movie theatre, mad that the actors aren't acting out the movie live in front of you. Does that take away from their talent as an actor or make the movie less good? The DJs that may push a button here & there are, for the most part producer/DJs that have put a lot of work into putting together a great set for you. Now shut up & rage!

Betches: This one time we thought we could make a really sick mix ourselves so we downloaded Virtual DJ, googled a few videos of Asians doing free tutorials, and then made something we thought was brilliant. Then we played it for someone and they said, verbatim, “You're a fucking moron.” In sum, pressing buttons isn't so easy either. 

Betches: What is the most attractive quality in a girl?

Clinton: Sense of humor but not like Jenny McCarthy trying to be too funny farting humor. Like sarcastic & is quick witted.

Betches: So like…why you so obsessed with me? 

Betches: Do you think it's hot the way girls dance to dub step?

Clinton: Depends what they are wearing I guess & the climate of the room.

Betches: So something like this then…

or this: 

(Oh get over yourselves commenters, this video isn't offensive, she was faking it)

Betches: Would you ever recommend any betch that she dates a DJ? 

Clinton: Of course, you get to hear awesome music & attend sweet parties & if you're an alcoholic, you're get all you want to drink for free…

Betches: We get free drinks anyway. But DJs tend to dress really well, like with really large mouse-head gear…what will I bring to the relationship? 

Betches:  Do you know what a betch is? Do you think you know? Don't quote our about page.

Clinton: Hmmmm, an intelligent, strong, woman who can hang with the guys but is still very much a woman & NOT one of the guys. Funny, interesting & fun to hang out with.

Betches: Nailed it, but you forgot really really ridiculously good looking. 

Betches: In your opinion, what's the single and most annoying quality in a girl?

Clinton: The girl that dates the DJ for all the reasons I gave in the earlier question.

Betches: In our opinion, it's the girl who thinks she's one of the guys. See #157 Hating the WGG. 

Betches: In your opinion are the last two questions synonymous? If not, wanna chill?

Clinton: Do I really have to go back & look at those questions? No? Awesome! I love this interview.

Betches: Samesies.

Betches: Can we get a few VIP tickets to your concert?

Clinton: Of course. What do u think VIP entails??

Betches: Free weed? 

Betches: Can you just tell us something interesting? We're afraid your answer to question 'what's the single and most annoying quality in a girl?' might be “asks too many fucking questions.”

Clinton: I was once bumped by a shark & then 2 minutes later a girl 50 ft from me got her leg bit off. Someone jumped in my truck & stuck a gun at me, I ran & he shot at me hitting my friend in the leg. I saw a mans head get ran over by a car. I won a brand new car in 2007 & I was once stabbed. Well, more like sliced in a fight annnnd I kinda like cookies & tea a lot.

Betches: Did you grow up in the boonies? Are you Jesse Pinkman?

Betches: What DJ would you go gay for?

Clinton: Does Channing Tatum DJ?

Betches: Probably not, but good call. She's The Man was an epic movie. 

Clinton: By the way you guys didn't ask me anything about my actual job so I'll take the liberty to let you know that my single “Watch You” Featuring Pitbull is available (you're first hearing it here) & yes, it's me singing… Annnnnd MyAwesomeMixtape3 which is your ultimate workout, raging mix is available for free download at

Betches: Oh sorry, but I'm sure you've heard…betches #36 don't do work. 


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