Betches Love This Beer: Watermelon Beer

If you’re a betch who loves juice, then you’ll love watermelon beer. Yes, we know it sounds like those two words don’t belong together, but you’d be surprised.  The beer makers at 21st Amendment have created a delicious beverage that tastes like a healthy dose of beer and jolly rancher.  Sounds weird, but trust us, it’s good.

I know what you’re thinking, it sounds like a high school party drink, but though it tastes like watermelon, it’s far from a syrupy concoction.  Look, we already know that pumpkin beer is going to be big this Fall as it always is, but we have to hand it to watermelon beer for keeping us feeling the summer vibes with a fresh twist on fruity beers.  If ciders and fruity beers are not your thing, but you’re not feeling the hops, watermelon beer is the perfect medium for your taste buds.  It’s not too much fruit and the sweetness doesn’t linger, like a cocktail would.

If you’ve ever had watermelon and vodka, you know how delicious watermelon can be. The fruit is a goddamn gem to society, and just makes us feel relaxed saying the word.  There’s other makers of this beer on the market, but 21st Amendment’s Hell or High Watermelon is by far the winner with its dry and crisp hint of watermelon – just enough to quench your thirst while still tasting like beer.

As you move on from Shandies of summer to Pumpkins of Fall, take a second to revel in the watermelon haven in between.


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