Betches Love This Festival: Mysteryland

Festival season is upon us, betches. You know what that means: crippling anxiety surrounding which ones to attend. Betches hate making decisions, and when it comes to music festivals, it’s no joke. There are like, a million festivals in the country, how do we choose the select few we’re going to grace with our presence?

Never fear because I’ve just made your decision process that much easier. One word: Mysteryland. No, it’s not that movie with Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart—that was Adventureland, fucking duh—it’s a music festival happening in upstate NY this June 10-13. Bethel Woods, to be exact. If that sounds familiar, it should be—it’s the home of the OG music festival, aka Woodstock. Not bad.

I could talk about the art installations, food, blah blah blah, but let’s be real. You care about the lineup. Well, you’re basically gonna want to gather up your whole squad because the lineup is tight AF. I’m talking everyone from Skrillex to Bassnectar to Young Thug—in other words, something for everyone, so even the UGH has no excuse not to bail. Oh, and Phase 2 of the lineup hasn’t even come out yet. So stay tuned.

Get your tickets here, and check out the Mysteryland Spotify playlist to deal with your impatience.


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