Betches x Kings of Cole “I’m On An All Betch Diet” Is HERE!

As a Betch, there’s practically nothing we love more than bragging about a diet we’re on and making all the people around us accommodate our most fleeting needs. Want to just have a sandwich for lunch? Oh no, I’m sorrrrrry I’m actually gluten, carb, dairy-free this week, and trying to lose three pounds, you understand.

That’s why we’ve created the I’m On an All Betch Diet collection because, honestly, it’s time to start holding what you put on your body to the same exhaustingly annoying yet necessary standards as what you put in your body. 

There’s only a Betch’s true edible desires — like iced coffee, avocado toast, spicy mayo, and pizza (but only when we’re drunk, of course) —printed on the most comfortable and luxurious Kings of Cole sweatpants and pull-over hoodies. You know these must be soft because the Kardashians wear Kings of Cole all the fucking time and, like, 90% of their bodies are synthetic and anything else would probably make them melt or something.

Our Incredible Designs:

PIZZA: A vegan, gluten free, soy free, antibiotics free, raw, non GMO, organic, fat free, 0 carb pizza for your wardrobe.

AVOCADO TOAST: The only brunch menu item that matters in your life.

SPICY MAYO: Betch goes for sushi: “I’d like an order of spicy mayo with a side of sushi please.”

ICED COFFEE: If you could get an IV of iced coffee (skim milk, one splenda)… you SO would. 

Each design is available on either a blue gray or pale gray wash. 

Every Betches x Kings of Cole collab has sold out pretty much immediately which means while you’ve been sitting here drooling over pizza (SNAP OUT OF IT!) skinnier betches have been eating up all the stock. You can take a bite out of our news collection of hoodies and sweatpants with Kings of Cole here.   


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