Betches x Kings of Cole The Bossy Collection Is Here!!

Betches x Kings of Cole Part IV is here! 

Yet again the Betches have teamed up with Kings of Cole to provide the comfiest, softest sweats and hoodies for the baddest betches out there. These hoodies and sweatpants are for the girls netflix and chillin’ thinking about their favorite position, CEO. 

The hoodies come in charcoal (the dark gray color), dark rose (the darker pink/plum color), camo (I mean that one’s obvious) and pale gray (the light gray color) while all featuring the boss betch emoji. Perfect for the betch who is both bossy and THE BOSS. 



These sweatpants come in charcoal (the dark gray color), camo (you’ve seen the Destiny’s Child “Survivor” music video) and pale gray (the dark gray color). Each sweatpant is printed with the emoji we all aspire to be: the making-it-rain boss betch emoji. These are perfect for the bad betch who runs things, even in boyfriend sweatpants. 


Kings of Cole’s amazing hoodies and sweats have been sported on the Kardashians, J.LO and Gwenyth, just to name a few.  But never before have these luxorious products come in such a badass style. 



Our inventory is limited and we know they will sell quickly. So to get yours immediately go to! Happy shopping BO$$. 


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