The Betches’ Guide To The Ultimate Thanksgiving TBT

Thanksgiving falls on a Thursday, which means in addition to finding out which one of your friends has the hottest cousins, it’s also prime territory for a solid TBT. Not only will you be home with access to your entire documented childhood, but everyone will be by their phones trying desperately to avoid family.

Choose your Thanksgiving TBT carefully. While you’re home for the holidays, you’ll be tempted to throwback the first cute picture you find of yourself. But once you’ve broken the seal, you’ll get diminishing marginal returns with every pic you post, no matter how cute you were.

Never post a TBT that you wouldn’t share in a groupchat. Like, have something to say about yourself that would warrant three emoji face reactions. And we don’t mean “I was once a baby,” because duh. For example, were you a fat kid? Ew. Awkward. But if you’re a fat kid turned hot betch, your TBT will def break the gym ceiling and inspire everyone on Thanksgiving that they too can start from the bottom and turn into a butterfly like you. Slightly embarrassing TBTs are always strong because people love to imagine you weren’t always perfect. But by posting it, you’re also highlighting how perfect you are now, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

I'm perfect

If you didn’t have a hidden past as a fat kid or in Mathletes, you could also consider going for a home video. When else are you going to have time to sift through old recital videos on a Thursday afternoon? You’re def stepping your game up with a video TBT. You want to pick an age where you still look like yourself, so not a tiny baby, but also not old enough where you just look like yourself, so nothing from sophomore year and beyond.  A little bit embarrassing like your 8th grade graduation speech or the talent show from 6th grade where you danced to “Lady Marmalade” are all good options.

So embarrassing

Basically, we’re going to be bored AF this weekend and we need something to distract ourselves from the awkward family conversations. A strong TBT can rally your friends together on social media to discuss whether you should bring bowl cuts back, keeping both the attention on you and also the attention away from whatever is happening at home. If we’re being honest, posting a great Thanksgiving TBT is like doing charity for your friends, giving them a light to turn to on their social media when they’re drowning in mashed potatoes and invasive questions from Aunt Linda.

You're welcome bitch

So go forth and find your perfect TBT. And make sure whatever it is, just avoid an “I’m thankful” post unless you want to be hidden from timelines forever.


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