The Betches’ Guide To The Candid Photo

We long ago established the importance of a group photographer. Though times have changed and the digital camera is an artifact that belongs in a museum now, the fundamental reason a group photog was so prized was her ability to take candid photos. While the selfie has given us the power to all become our own personal Annie Leibovitz, it can’t compete with a good candid photo.

The candid photo is betchy because it implies that you’re the center of attention even when you’re not trying to be. Betches love attention and we deserve it almost all of the time. Entire careers are built on getting candid shots of famous people as they enter and exit buildings and cabs.

In order to get a good candid, you obvs can’t be the one to take it. A good candid usually feels like a mistake, and just like mistakes teach you something, a good candid teaches you what your good angles are.

Candids are better than posed photos because while you always look good in both, a posed photo is just trying harder. And the betchier you are, the less you have to try. You can create a candid without waiting for someone to accidentally take a photo of you. When you ask a rando to take your picture, instead of just smiling and posing, just make sure you’re never actually standing still. You can do anything from reaching for the camera, grabbing your drink, putting on your jacket, or just yelling at your friends to look at the camera, and they’ll all come out looking better than a posed photo. Literally a picture of you brushing your hair out of your face while your friend takes a sip of her beer is ten times better than two girls standing and smiling with skinny arms on their hips.

Like, would you rather see a tiger caged up or see it running in the wild? The candid is the wild tiger, captured without even realizing any cameras were out. It’s like you happened to look good but you didn’t even think anyone was looking.  The rule to a perfect candid is if you can only pick one of the following to do: Smile or look at the camera, but not both. For example, if you smile, you can’t be looking at the camera but you can be looking at another person or off to the distance. And if you look at the camera, you shouldn’t be smiling. You could look at the camera with a surprised expression, like you casually look flawless without even realizing cameras were around.

Finally, you want to make sure your candid is in a chill location. Rooftops, VIP section, somewhere in nature are all good locations. Like, why do you think the Kardashians’ show is still successful? Because people like to see into your betchy life and pretend you don’t know they’re watching.

When people said “a picture is worth a thousand words”, they were talking about candids, because what use is five people in a line smiling at a camera going to do? Literally we’ve seen every version of you and your friends standing in front of a restaurant posed the same way. Let’s see you actually hanging out.


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