The Betches’ Guide to Wearing Overalls

In case you haven’t noticed, overalls have made their way back from their decade long hiatus.  Literally everyone from Selena Gomez to January Jones has felt the need to Osh Kosh Big’Osh it. If you think about it, overalls are just a romper for the fall, and betches love a good romper.  Are overalls for you? I mean, probably not. But if you insist, here’s how to wear overalls without looking like a baby or a farmer.

First of all, it’s all in the leg. Capri and tapered overall legs seem to be in. You can also get away with overall shorts if you live in California or Miami. Unless you want to be mistaken for a construction worker, don’t wear full length legs on your overalls. Definitely not that baggy 90’s shit. The overalls may be back in school, but these are the hotter little sisters of the 90’s version, so no need to pull out your old clothes from storage.

Also make sure you balance out the rest of your outfit. If you’re wearing overalls, do not wear flip flops. Fucking duh. Unless you literally are dressing up as a farmer. Booties and high tops would work.

Wear whatever you want under overalls, but a popular option seems to be horizontal stripes. There’s technically something about stripes that balance out how long you look when your whole body is covered in denim. But stripes are very rarely flattering for anyone, so a tank or even bandeau would be good alternatives.  Emma Watson pulls off a collared shirt inside overalls, and we don’t hate it.

Finally, dress that shit up with accessories. Overalls are confusing because they’re autumn on the bottom and summer/naked on the top. So to avoid confusion, wear a beanie or scarf so it’s obvious that you’re still freezing to everyone that sees you. Wear a long sleeve underneath if you’re tall, because you’ll look super skinny. If you’re short, wear your overalls with heels so you don’t get mistaken for a kidnapped child.

The best part about overalls is they come off with one easy buckle, which is convenient for when you get too drunk to remember how clothes work. Besides, they’re basically a giant denim apron, and if you get them dirty, they’re literally made for workers. They can handle it.


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