Betches Dream House Collection Is Here

You used to play with Barbie’s dream house as a kid, and now you can play in your very own with Betches Dream House collection. So, delete that Pinterest board imagining your perfect house, Betches, because you don’t need it anymore, and when were you ever going to DIY anything anyway? The new collection from Betches has all the pillows and prints that your first apartment, dorm room, or sorority house could ever need. Whether you need some inspiring words, like “Life isn’t about arriving at your destination, it’s about how many shots you take on the plane,” or just some chic additions to your bed, we have you covered.


The You’re Like Really Pretty Throw Pillows


Shop Betches | Starting at $20.00



The Lips Pillow Cases

Shop Betches | Starting at $25.00

The perfect pillow for when you love your bed more than anything. All proceeds benefit victims of the Kylie Jenner lip challenge. 

The Current Mood Pillow Cases

Shop Betches | Starting at $20.00

When your current mood is passed the fuck out. 

The Lashes Pillow Case

Shop Betches | Starting at $25.00

Sleeping soundly never looked so pretty. 

The Betches Motto Framed Print

Shop Betches | Starting at $35.00

The best #wallspo ever, we know we said it. 

Thou Shalt Talk Shit Framed Print

Shop Betches | Starting at $35.00

Who knew the commandments could be so betchy? In the name of Beyonce, amen.  


Shop the Betches Dream House collection today before the girl down the hall does. 


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