Betch of the Week: Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson has graced us with another stunning and exquisite performance in the new Zach Braff film I Wish I Was Here so I thought it was time to pay respect to this betch icon. 

Her dad is a rock star and her mom is Goldie Hawn. So…she was basically just destined to be cool AF.

And she solidified this destiny when she played the fabulous free spirited Penny Lane in Almost Famous.

She has impeccable style that is effortlessly chic because she literally doesn’t give a fuck about what others think or say about her. Even though she’s an A-List celebrity we really know less about her than probably the entire cast of Jersey Shore.

She’s dated a few well known bachelors such as Lance Armstrong, Owen Wilson, and Alex Rodriguez but she prefers rock stars (we assume because of a combination of daddy issues and the fact that she literally is just as cool as Penny Lane)

When it comes to the other people in her life she is not about surrounding herself with tons of fake friends but instead has one betchy bestie, Liv Tyler.

She is utter perfection from her vintage fur coat to her barefoot Buddhist feet and one of our favorite betches of all time.

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