Betch of the Week: Cara DeLevingne

Cara Delevigne is perfect tbh. Who else parties with Bad Gal RiRi on the reg and calls Rita Ora her bestie? All while modeling for every designer under the sun. She is honestly our fucking spirit animal. If you don’t know why Cara is the betchiest of all betches here are 10 reasons:

1. Let’s be honest you’ve definitely tried to make a funny “I’m so ugly” face selfie because you “give no fucks.” Well Cara actually does give no fucks how her face looks. And she looks hot while doing it. Every. betches. dream.

2. She’s a feminist and it’s awesome. She actually makes an impact too, which is rare for celebs. Like she actually gives a shit about the world.

3. She fucking started the bisexual celebrity train. And she made it cool and trendy.

4.  She’s BFF with Karl Lagerfeld so she pretty much gets free Chanel and Fendi items on the reg.

5. She literally makes billions by how fucking hot she looks in expensive clothing.

6. She actually has a sense of humor and says that Jack Black is her brother separated at birth (which is a little weird… but its Cara so we’ll take it).

7. She was discovered by the person who discovered Kate Moss. So basically she was a superstar from the beginning.

8. She makes ugly vines of her hungover eyes and they get 1.4 thousand favorites… her hungover eyes get 1.4 thousand fucking favorites.

9. Speaking of hangovers she parties all the time. And gets an IV to cure the hangover so that she can continue partying.

10. She’s fucking weird and people love it. She doesn't have to pretend to be down to earth because she like, actually is.

So move over Iggy… first things first Cara’s the realest.


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