The Best And Worst Chanel Fashion Show Themes

After what seems like a zillion years, fashion month has come to an end. Through the countless shows over the month, things sort of start to blur together, until Chanel at the very end. Over the past several years, Chanel has become known for their lavish themed shows set under the beautiful glass dome of the Grand Palais in Paris.  Most of the time the themes have nothing to do with the clothes themselves, but it’s fun to look at. Here are the best and worst themes from over the years.

BEST: Chanel Airlines – S/S 2016

This most recent show took the most stressful place in the world (airports) and made it chic and beautiful. We really hope this is a business idea in the works.

WORST: Apocalyptic Theatre – Couture F/W 2013

Okay the detail was stunning or whatever, but I don’t want to see couture gowns in a theatre that looks like it should be putting on a second-rate production of RENT.

BEST: Art Show – S/S 2014

The models walked past a ton of original Chanel-inspired art, so we basically got two shows for the price of one. Not that any of us can afford this anyway.

WORST: Underwater – S/S 2012


This theme is generally overdone, but they really hit the nail in the coffin when they had Florence Welch (+ the Machine) perform in a humongous seashell. Please do less.

BEST: Supermarket – F/W 2014

Not only did they recreate an entire grocery store, but every item on the shelves was Chanel branded. We have a feeling everything was organic.

WORST: Barnyard – S/S 2010

Is it too much to ask that I don’t see $1000 blouses in a farm setting?

BEST: Protest – S/S 2015

When Gisele Bundchen yells into a megaphone, you fucking listen.

WORST: Carousel – F/W 2008

It was pretty, but Louis Vuitton did it too.


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