The Best & Worst 90’s Beauty Trends

Unless you’ve been living under a fucking rock then you are fully aware that the ’90s are back. Maybe it’s because — oh I don’t know — it was literally the best decade of all time. Y2K might as well have been the end of the world tbh.

So yeah, the ’90s were all about teen heartthrobs and Milky Pens, but even in such idyllic scenarios, there were moments of despair because news flash, nobody’s perfect. Case in point: the unfortunate popularity of Kirsten Dunst (so annoying). And like the actual worst manic pixie dream girl/ex of Orlando Bloom, some ’90s beauty trends were just straight up terrible. In case you needed a reminder, let’s take a walk down memory lane as we delve into which ’90s trends were all that, and which ’90s trends need to be forgotten forever. 


Best: Glitter eyeshadow. If you were allowed to wear glitter eyeshadow in the ’90s, you were the HBIC of your elementary/middle school campus, no question.


Worst: Blue eyeshadow was and will always be heinous.


Best: Mauve lipstick. Drew Barrymore looks dead in this pic, but I don’t care what you say — her lipstick color looks betchy as hell. Plus I think she was like an alcoholic or something at this point in time? So she gets a pass.



Worst: Lip liner that’s too obvious. Just, no. Never flattering. 




Best: The Jennifer, fucking duh. 


Worst: Cornrows. No one fucking cared that you went to Cabo for spring break in ’98, TOPANGA.



Best: Tommy Girl. If you didn’t wear Tommy Girl, then chances are you and I didn’t speak for the majority of my girlhood. (Hint: it’s because I was better than you.)


Worst: Pear Glace was for peasants and try hards. Gag me with a spoon. 




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