The Best Sunglasses For All The Shade You’re Throwing

Betches loooove #60 Sunglasses. What betchy god bestowed upon us mere mortals the miracle that is a way to look chic while skipping mascara and being so hungover that we don’t even know what year it is? We can’t even remember what the Olsen twins’ faces look like because they’re constantly obscured by ridiculously fabulous lenses that say “IDGAF” while also saying “I’m a verrrrrry important person” while also saying “fuck off” while also saying “I’m so full from this kale leaf I just ate”. It’s amazing. Here are some of our favorite picks for sunnies in all shapes and styles, perfect for any amount of shade you’re trying to throw.


Shade-throwing level: I’m a badass betch on a mission—don’t fuck with me.

Dior So Real sunglasses by Dior

So Bar So Good aviator shades by Nastygal

Shape Lenses

Shade-throwing level: I’m rolling my face off at a festival rn.

Heart of Glass reflective shades by Nastygal

Wolves sunglasses by Valley Eyewear

Cat Eye

Shade-throwing level: I’m a mess but like, a classy mess.

Oval Cat sunglasses by Miu Miu

Fairfax Sunglasses by Elizabeth and James

Oversized Sunglasses

Shade-throwing level: I’m hungover AF. Please don’t talk to me unless your name is vodka.

Embellished round sunglasses by Miu Miu

Bueller II Shades by Nastygal

Round Lenses

Shade-throwing level: I’m almost too hipster to function tbh

PR 52 sunglasses by Spitfire

Crafted Lulu sunglasses by Komono



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