The Best Memes From The Debate Last Night

If you managed to avoid the flaming pile of shit that was the second Presidential Debate last night, you truly deserve a fucking medal. Their was obviously some major drama going down, and Donald Trump basically just roamed around the stage scowling for an hour and a half. We love the internet so much, and here’s some of the most hilarious shit about the debate:

Literally how we’re getting through midterms:

We also want this:

This could literally be our future.

There are just so many things.

Yeah this seems like it could end badly.

Relatively horrifying but also amazing.

Group projects are the fucking worst, but I’ll be damned if Mike Pence is bringing down my grade.

Gracias…para…vivar en la casa?

And in that moment, we were all Ken Bone.

Staying on message has never been Donald’s strong suit.


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