Beyoncé’s Best Beauty Moments From Lemonade

Lemonade—also known as the greatest film of 2016/Jay Z’s worst nightmare—was full of incredible moments. Mostly ones that involve Bey making metaphorical lemonade out of Jay Z’s stupid fucking cheating lemons. And looking bomb as fuuuuck while doing so.

After watching it you probably feel like you’ll never amount to anything as haunting and important—and that if Beyoncé’s man didn’t stay faithful to her, your crippled, twitchy troll self doesn’t stand a goddamn chance in this cruel, unfair world. But, it’s whatevs. At least you’re not Jay right now.

Here are the best beauty moments from Bey’s Lemonade that you can try to recreate just in case you get fucked over too.

When you swimming in your own tears because you realize Becky isn’t “just a friend.”

When misogyny gets you down so you put on a smoky eye and grab your bat.

Coachella 2017.

How long until every single Kardashian copies this look?

Coachella 2018.

Coachella 2019.

Becky better go shave her head and get a name change if she knows what’s good for her. 


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