Study Determines Which Instagram Filter Gets You The Most Likes, Finally

So some people from a graphic startup company called Canva have decided to start World War III over which Instagram filter will get you the most likes. Get ready to see shit go down in your group chat (and in the DM’s).

The first part of their study determined the most popular filters around the world: Clarendon, Juno, Valencia, and Gingham. That’s not surprising, considering that Clarendon and Gingham are the first two options after #NoFilter and people are lazy as shit. I’d also bet money people just use Valencia because of the Chainsmokers’ shout-out. Or it could just be because Valencia is like the J. Cole of Instagram filters: nothing too special, but always consistent and there when you need it.

Then, they found which filters get the most likes. For selfies: #NoFilter, Slumber, and Skyline. Yep, you read that right, you’re better off not using a filter (what is this madness) and letting your natural beauty shine through *barf*. Not sure I’m buying it, but that’s what they said. Also, you could think X-Pro II makes you look hot, but you could be wrong. If you’re posting fashion pics, use Kelvin because it will apparently get you the most likes, even though I’ve never used Kelvin in my life. 

And none for Reyes or Lo-Fi bye.



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