The Best Celebrity Responses From Last Night’s Debate

Sometimes celebrities also take a moment from thinking about themselves and make comments on American politics. Even though Rob Kardashian decided to not give a fuck about politics (is that called NGAF?) and release his sister’s phone number during the debate, some other famous or semi-famous people were actually paying attention.

Rob Kardashian tweets Kylie's phone number

Let’s start with the queen of the Twitter clap back, Chrissy Teigen.

Is there a drink stronger then Everclear? Because we’re going to need to find a stronger cocktail if we want to make it to November without circling into despair while considering the dismal future of our nation.

Jean-Ralphio himself steps up to bring us the behind the scenes facts.

It might have been just as effective for him to post that Parks and Rec GIF of him referring to Donald Trump as the woooooooooorst a million times.

The worst

I mean, Trump has already been on WWE… I think Springer might actually be a step up.

Howard Dean? What! Yes, ladies and gents, this is the man who “bee-yah!”ed his way out of a career, but he’s thinking what we’re all thinking: Trump had definite coke-drip during the debate.

Ok this was too good not to share. The intellectual equivalent of baby food diarrhea, Courtney Stodden, also wanted to bring something to the political show and tell. Oh honey, at least you tried. Like, too hard. Stop. please. my eyes. 


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