The Best Beauty Looks From Sundance 2016

The 2016 Sundance Film Festival kicked off this past weekend, and all the celebs who are trying to be taken seriously in their craft have shown up to support the probably super weird movies they were a part of this year. Because it’s so fucking cold we would all understand if they looked like shit/didn’t want to be there to discuss how strange it was to film a sex scene with Nick Jonas. However, the following actresses waltzed on up like they weren’t miserable and heavily medicated, which is both alarming and commendable (xanax is great for snow induced anxiety).

Kate Beckinsale

Wait. Is Kate Beckinsale getting younger or am I just really high? 

Sophia Bush

Brooke Davis looked gorgeous with her tousled lob/effortless makeup and probably got invited to all the after parties. Do we think Lucas is still pissed that he chose Peyton? Food for thought.

Lily Rose Depp

Lily Rose Depp was hotter than I’ll ever be by the time she was a fetus so the fact that she can pull off a slate grey/blue smokey eye should come as no surprise to the masses.

Brooklyn Decker


Her look says “minimalistic”, but her face says “I’m in pain.” Brooklyn’s definitely from California.

Kerry Washington

Fucking fuck yes.

Riley Keough

IDK who you are Riley Keough (are you related to the Willis family????), but your cat eye and retro inspired hair are giving me major vibes. 



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