The Best Beauty Looks From Cannes, AKA Mostly Pics Of Blake Lively

The vibe on the red carpet for The Cannes Festival—you know, the pretentious French film festival where France and America come together and pretend to be friends—is both laid-back and glamorous. It’s like Canada. But less annoying. Anyway. Here are the best beauty looks from the festival, so you can feel even shittier about your makeup and hair on this Monday. Yay celebrities!

Lily Rose Depp

Johnny Depp’s offspring looks like she doesn’t believe in defining her sexuality. She looks like she has the words “just breathe” tattooed somewhere on her body in white ink. What I’m trying to say is that Lily Rose looks like she stepped right out of Tumblr and into this festival. But like, in a good way.

Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds’ wife or Cinderella? You decide.

Blake Lively (Again)

Ryan Reynolds’ wife or Sleeping Beauty? Who TF knows.

Blake Lively (Again)

OK. Fuck you Blake.

Lily Donaldson

Lily Donaldson is a model I had to Google because I had never heard of her before today, but that doesn’t discredit the fact that her vampy lips and choker are literal, metaphorical life.

Bella Hadid

Gigi’s shadow brought it with an understated sleek pony, bronze smokey eye, and nude lip combo.

Jessica Chastain

Me, as a hot ginger mom.

Kristen Stewart

That tight line is on point. Wait…do I not hate Kristen Stewart????

No. False alarm. 


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