Bernie Sanders Is The Ultimate Wingman

So Bernie Sanders is busy fucking with Hillary Clinton by running for President. Everybody loves an underdog, unless you’re Hillary and you’ve been preparing your whole life to be President. Anyway, if you’ve ever watched Scandal—even just to decide if the guy who plays the President is hot enough for Kerry Washington—you know that there’s approximately a billion randos that work for politicians. It’s like being an intern as an adult, but afterwards you become a “consultant” and make bank.

Well, one of Bernie’s staffers proposed to his girlfriend this weekend and Bernie helped him pop the question. He recorded a video encouraging the gf to say yes, because “He’s a good guy, why don’t you help him out?” That sounds like Bernie’s campaign slogan tbh. But more importantly, it’s good that Americans know that Bernie is an avid supporter of the Bro Code. Someone needs to ask in the next debate what his thoughts on cock-blocking are.

So mazel to the happy couple. I can’t wait to see how Hillary tries to one-up this.


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