Ben Stiller Had Cancer And We Didn’t Even Know

Some celebrities talk a big game about wanting privacy, but we usually at least know the basics of what’s going on in their lives. That’s why it was all the more shocking this week when Ben Stiller announced that he had cancer back in 2014, and we had no fucking clue the whole time.

In an interview on Howard Stern’s radio show (the only radio show that still matters enough to make these announcements on) and an open letter published online, Stiller opened up about his battle with prostate cancer a couple years back, and the test that he says saved his life.

Basically, a lot of men get prostate cancer. It’s recommended that you start getting tested when you turn 50, but Benji was only 48 when he was diagnosed. He had the tumor removed three months later and hasn’t had any problems since. someone’s getting firedNow he’s using his experiences as proof of why people should start getting tested earlier. Most of our knowledge of medicine comes from Grey’s Anatomy, but this seems to make sense.

We’re super glad Ben is okay, and now we feel like we have a decent explanation for why Zoolander 2 was a flaming pile of shit. He fought back like the lion from Madagascar, and now chances are we can look forward to at least two more Fockers sequels, because that’s how Hollywood works.


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