J Lo Thinks Ben Affleck’s Tattoo Is The Ugliest Effing Thing She’s Ever Seen

Tbt to the early 2000s to the original Bennifer: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. They dated for approx a year from June 2002-June 2003, but if felt like a fucking century. Since they broke up, they’ve both gotten married and had kids, so it’s pretty chill for Hollywood standards.

J Lo may be over Ben, but she’s not over his tattoo. If you want to blind yourself, google Ben Affleck’s phoenix tattoo. It takes up his almost his full back and includes every color in the rainbow. It’s like the visual equivalent of listening to a Miley Cyrus album—overwhelming and deeply questionable. Jennifer agrees.

On Watch What Happens Live she said, “It’s awful. I would tell him that.” That’s the ultimate bitchy saying when you’re talking major shit, but want people to know that you aren’t being shady because you’d also say it to their face—whether or not you’d actually say it to their face. Jen also thinks his tattoos “should be cooler,” which is advice that could be applied to his movies, wardrobe, and mistresses. 


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