Bella Hadid Looked Like A (Gorg) Walking Wardrobe Malfunction At Cannes

Forget the movies, Cannes has proven to be one of the best fashion events of this year. Celebrities are taking exciting fashion risks, including Bella Hadid who almost proved that the (red) carpet matches the drapes in a very revealing dress.

I mean, I haven’t even seen this much of my own body. That amount of exposed side boob and Angelina Jolie leg is making me nervous for women’s private parts everywhere. Can she even wear pasties or anything with that dress or is she just naked underneath? Honestly, it’s like the same amount of coverage as a bathing suit.

One gust of wind and this whole outfit is a complete disaster, just like Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas’ relationship.

How does she have this much confidence at age 19? Like, at 19, the most confidence I ever had was when a creepy tattooed dude on Chatroulette told me I looked like his hot cousin.

Also, is anyone else wondering what Bella Hadid, the fashion model, doing at a film festival?

I have to say it, though. You go, Bella Hadid.


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