Being Sexually Fluid Is Having a Major Moment

Eyebrows. Chokers. Donald Trump. Sexual fluidity. They’re all having a major moment right now. Fluid sexuality is the idea that sexual orientation is more complicated than ticking an either or box, and that attraction takes place more realistically on a continuum. And a lot more peeps are signing on then ever before. After all, everybody’s a little bit gay. Right? Right??

Labels-non-labels aside, being sexually fluid is trendy AF. Lily Rose Depp (God, love her), Miley Cyrus, and Cara Delevingne have all recently come out as liking people, not parts. To which I think we’d all like to say, no fuckin’ shit. Being sexually fluid is way more fun than being totally straight, because guys are first and foremost smelly and secondly, when you’re this hot, it’s not fair to limit yourself like that. Sooo selfless.

Best, this isn’t just about Hollywood. From the trend setting Motherland, Great Brit, 49% of 18-to-24-year-olds described themselves as something besides completely heterosexual on a kinsey scale. This obviously not only gives our gay BFFs way more options for the upcoming weekend; it also causes us to wonder deep philosophical thoughts, like are more people a little gay or are more people just comfortable with admitting to being a little gay? It’s like your blow-off discussion based college class all over again.

Since orientation is really just a label, and everyone including the White House is realizing that being gay is NBD, I’d totes say everyone is just more down to admittance. Yeah well I only date guys but sometimes I make out with girls in bars and also actually am in love with this one chick. It’s really like, whatever.

After all, the only time a label matters is when it’s on your handbag.


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