82. Being Over It

Every betch has been “over it” at some point in her life. “Over it” is one of those expressions we use a lot but takes on a whole array of meanings depending on the situation and our mood. Like we’ve said, betches are complex. Similar to #21 abbrevs, the expression “over it” is a cornerstone of our vernacular.

When a betch claims to be “over it,” she wants to project the image of being too good for something, therefore doesn’t care about it. “Over it” is the basic linguistic form of trying to #32 win.

Careful betches, just because you say you’re over it doesn’t mean anyone actually fucking believes you. In fact, stating you’re “over it” is probably the easiest way to tell the whole world you’re absolutely NOT over it. Even Shakespeare knew a betch who doth protested way too fucking much.

Take the following scenarios.

Fight with a #69 bestie: You and your bestie are going at each other via text for like, 10 whole minutes. It started small and irrelevant but by now you’re actually fucking pissed, in a bad mood, and have convinced yourself that she’s wrong even though you barely remember why you’re arguing. You’re definitely mad but don’t want to read her stupid fucking text messages anymore.

You throw her the “Whatever, I”m over it”

This is code for “shut the fuck up, I’m gonna go #1 talk shit about you to everyone I know cause I’m def not over it.”

jersey shore

If I say I’m over it will you get the fuck off me?

Fight with a #53 SAB: Some asshole isn’t answering your texts.


“You’re not gonna come over? Fine. I’m over it. Over it dot com.”

Wow. You couldn’t be more under it. Then you’ll pretend you’re over it until he finally fucking texts you.

birthday card

Being “over” trends, venues, scenes, people, activities, nouns and verbs in general: This can apply to pretty much everything else in the world. For instance…

“Ugh, I’m so over Tenjune. Never going again.”

“I’m like, over chicken. Only salmon from now on.”

Since betches are always bored, it’s possible to genuinely be over these things. We actually hope you’re over certain things, like Blackberries, Entourage, and the #2 news. Even so, your underlying meaning when you say this to someone is, “ew, that’s so like, 4 years ago, but it’s cute that you still think it’s cool!”

So betches, keep in mind that if you have to say it, it ain’t so. However, we’re far from suggesting that you eliminate this term from your speech. It’s one of our favorite passive-aggressive phrases. At the end of the day we’re about as over ‘over it’ as Khloe Kardashian is over being the fat sister.



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