We Need to Talk About The Bedford Stop

Have you been worried you’re going to run out of things to watch on Netflix before the end of winter? Well, the internet gods have heard your prayers and have blessed us with the strangely addicting web series “The Bedford Stop.”

“The Bedford Stop” website claims the series/clips are “a reality show about Brooklyn girls avoiding reality”, but for me, I was like, um, this series looks a little too much like my real life and yet I’m strangely addicted to the damn thing now.

The series follows girls in Brooklyn (fucking duh) as they basically just talk about Tinder and go bowling at one of those fancy-in-a-hipster-way bowling alley/bar places you reluctantly go to because your friends suggest it.

There are only three episodes and some clips out right now, but from what I can tell,  here’s what you need to know about the characters: Alex is the LC of the show. Need I say more? Oh, she’s also kind of monotone, but in a Kourtney Kardashian way so I’ll allow it.

Sarah is described as “the boy crazy one.” In girl-world, that’s the nice way of saying someone sleeps around a lot but you love her anyway.

Olena never fucking shuts up about being single and Tinder, bless her heart.

And “then there’s Melissa,” says narrator Alex right before she alludes to the fact that this non-descript brunette girl may or may not have a drinking problem.

You may be wondering: why the fuck would I want to watch this? I counter with: why the fuck not? The webisodes basically make you feel like a voyeur in someone’s life, but that person just happens to be living a life that’s basically exactly like your own. If you can’t relate to these girls on some weird basic level, you probably can’t sit with us.

The criticism this show receives is, like, all about how millennials suck and are entitled–shit we already knew. My only real problems with it is that I don’t know who’s behind the camera, and that bothers me. I also wonder if they got permission or licensing to use the songs in their music bed. Other than that, I just want to know when the next episode comes out. 


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