Here Are Some New Pics of The Beckham Family For Your Monday

The Beckham family is a collection of the most genetically blessed people on the planet. David “DILF” Beckham – soccer player turned model – Victoria “Posh Beckham” – pop star turned fashion designer – are already the power couple of this century. In 500 years from now, historians will unearth evidence of the Beckhams, Tom Brady, and Gisele Bundchen and think we worshipped beautiful aliens.

This weekend Victoria had her NYFW show and the whole fam showed up. Maybe they weren’t wearing custom Yeezy-Balmain, but they wore coordinated black and chiseled facial features. Besides the fact that Brooklyn and Romeo are slowly taking over Burbury, their 10 year old son Cruz wears a suit better than every person on Celebrity Apprentice. But most importantly, I’m waiting for Harper to start a clique to rival North West and Penelope Disick. 


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