7 Cooling Beauty Products You Need So You Don’t Overheat And Die

Not to be dramatic, but summer’s almost here. Which means it’s hot out. Which means I’m even grumpier than usual, because gross. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer. It’s just hard to love the sun, sand, pools, beaches, and various excuses to drink gallons of margaritas when your skin is melting faster than Taylor Swift’s impending rebound. (RIP Tay & Calvin.)

But thanks to some products that actually chill your skin (and therefore mood) the fuck out, maybe it won’t be so bad after all. Here are some things you should buy to cool you off. So you don’t like die this summer or something annoying. HAGS.

1. Skincool Ice Roller, $30

A handheld tool that makes your face less puffy. It’ll cool you down when you’ve spent all day outside and it’ll also reduce what I like to call “hangover face” — aka the face of death — aka the face of regret — aka the face of WTF I made bagel bites last night? I own bagel bites?

2. Milk Makeup Cooling Water, $24


This “hydration” stick offers both calming properties of seawater and the firming properties of caffeine. Which means its pretty much like an iced coffee, but for your face.

3. Aftersun Greek Yoghurt Cooling Gel, $26

Ideal for after you’ve spent 12 too many hours in the sun, hiding from your responsibilities.

4. Evian Spray Facial Water, $12.50

A mist that’s literally just water, but that you literally just need. Spray it on your face to reset your makeup, rehydrate your skin, or to just soothe yourself.

5. Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask, $52

This gentle mask has a shit ton of moisturizing/calming properties that refresh your skin after a long day of doing nothing but letting UV rays slowly kill you.

6. Cooling Mint Blotting Papers, $8

Blotting sheets that can be used for touchups throughout the day, because GTFO of here with that shine.

7. UD Chill Makeup Setting Spray, $30

A setting spray that holds your makeup in place and makes you feel less irritated is def chill in my book. 



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