Are Beards the New Glasses?

A few years ago, betches would’ve never looked twice at a guy with a beard. Unless you were a hipster barista handing me my fair-trade cappuccino, we didn’t care about your extensive facial hair or your vintage Polaroid. Fast forward a few years and beards are everywhere. The cool hipster bros are sporting beards instead of oversized glasses and knit beanies (chill, we know you got that from the Urban Outfitters sale section.)


After the French moustache made its trendy appearance in Wildfox catalogues a few years ago, betches are more open to guys with facial hair. After all, everyone knows American Sniper won the Oscar because of Bradley Cooper’s beard. Did you really think the sound effects were that good?

So, in honor of Movember, we’re going to address the question that has been on our minds recently. Are beards the new glasses?

Let’s start with the stereotype. A lot of betches have stayed away from guys with beards because facial hair tends to represent an older generation. Like, we’re asking for a Ross and Rachel relationship, not Monica and Richard. There’s a reason we cringed through season two of Friends…Richard Burke was clearly a dad, as most guys with facial hair were.

Nowadays, beards are still signs of maturity, but they’ve clearly had a sexy transformation. When done right, a good beard can totally give a guy the perfect balance between “I’m husband material” and “I don’t even own a mirror.” In a way, beards are like the girl in high school who had frizzy hair, got Keratin treatments over the summer, and suddenly everyone forgot about her old fugly self.  We started to notice this change around 2004 when Ryan Gosling showed up in The Notebook looking better than ever, but the trend didn’t really last. Then, Ben Affleck brought it back years later in Argo, and the world began to take note.

We’re not saying the beard look is for everyone. Honestly, there are days when we wish Movember didn’t exist. Some guys just can’t pull it off without looking like a homeless man or a fratstar who happens to own a yoga mat. However, the beard trend is something we’ve gotten used to, and we’ll embrace this hot maturity from time to time. We’ve accepted the fact that beards aren’t only for old people like Dumbledore and Santa Claus. Beards are just as trendy as mason jars and thrift-store flannels—we might get over them soon, but for now, we respect your scruff. Happy Movember.


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