Why the New BBM Is Dumb As Shit

According to random people's facebook statuses (this is not a throwback – pin:23f8zeb) and instagrams of their BBM scan code for the past week, #34 BBM is back. 

Even though I can talk to my friends via text message, iMessage, email, gchat, facebook chat, WhatsApp, Viber, by commenting on their instagram, by talking on the actual phone, and in fucking person, for some reason we were still kind of curious about having BBM again so we got our friends to invite us.

Then you're like, Oh wait, I'm stuck on a virtual line for a stupid app I used to have and was happy to get rid of and don't want and don't need.

But you're shadily excited when you get off the line.

You finally get your invite, and you realize the app has not been updated since you got rid of it in 2011.

Oh, it takes 15 steps to add a contact?

I get 3 separate notifications every time I add a contact?

Then you finally have a BBM friend.

Your convo with your one contact goes: Why are we here? I don't know, this app fucking sucks.

You delete the app.


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