Bros, Stop Complaining About Batman v Superman

The only thing people love complaining about on the internet more than the current election is the new Batman v Superman movie. In case you missed it, there’s a new superhero movie out about Bruce and Clark and it’s like, who cares.

We love a summer blockbuster as much as anyone (first of all, it is March), but if it sucks then it’s like, let’s just move on. Bros are pissed because the movie presents the superheroes in a way that’s apparently different from how they see them in their wet dreams or something. So a movie didn’t live up to your expectations? Welcome to most of our past relationships.

We’re tired of hearing about how important the movie is because here’s the thing: it’s not. What we’ve gathered from your outraged posts is that Zack Snyder did a poor job with something you already knew was going to be bad. It’s like that scene in My Best Friend’s Wedding when Cameron Diaz sings karaoke. Her fiancé loves her and has to watch her look dumb, boohoo. He still loves her anyways. Bros complaining about how this movie is ruining the things you love—we call bullshit. You’re still going to love Batman and Superman and you’re still going to watch the next movies that come out about both of those superheroes. And all the other superhero movies that come out this decade, for that matter.

Basically, there’s a ton of other shit going on in the media right now, so sit back and stop complaining about a superhero movie. Honestly would just watch it to see Henry Cavill and that’s good enough for us. Maybe this isn’t the movie we need, but it’s the movie we deserve. 


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