How To Do Basics… Without Being Basic

We all have our secret addictions and bad habits right? One episode of Narcos turns into an entire season and an alarmingly higher level of proficiency in Spanish. One 3am pizza turns into a closeted relationship with the delivery man in which you have each other’s personal cell phone numbers and suddenly your drunken cravings are only one text away, only he keeps asking to join you for that pizza and now it’s getting kind of weird. One scroll down your Facebook feed leads to the knowledge of your ex boyfriend’s brother’s fiancé’s mother’s trip with the book club to Cabo San Lucas. Do some of those seem too specific? Whatever.

The one addiction that’s really been getting to me lately is Pinterest, and for your wardrobe’s sake, it’s got to stop. Not only is it low key trying to shove all millennial women back into the kitchen and fatten us up (no, Pinterest, I really don’t need to know 20 of the best crockpot recipes for fall), but there’s also this plague going around about “capsule wardrobes” that aims to make our lives seem unbearably mundane. Fashion is living, breathing art; to trade in your entire closet for ten or so interchangeable pieces in a shoddy attempt to seem French and minimalisme is both wasteful and incredibly dull. PS, you’re still American. It’s important to note that Pinterest can be a brilliant source of inspiration when used correctly. It’s the constant regurgitation of ineffective minimalism trends that make us think we can channel our inner Brigitte Bardot by actually being vanilla as fuck. Do you also spend your Friday evenings watching paint dry while discussing nuclear physics, capsule wardrobe people?

Read on for some solid advice on critical basic pieces you can add to your existing wardrobe to streamline what you already own and increase wearability without sacrificing your personal style for one that’s been repinned by too many times to count.

1. A solid leather jacket 

All Saints Leather Jacket | Similar: Zara Leather Jacket

A solid leather jacket is helpful to any wardrobe, adding an edginess and air of sophistication to jeans and a t-shirt or subliminally dressing down a nicer outfit for casual days.

2. Sneakers

Rag & Bone Standard Issue | Varin Vince Sneaker

Sneakers are a part of every bland capsule wardrobe but there are so many more fashionable and fashion-forward options out there to rival the white chuck tailors every basic bitch seems to be rocking in their sorority recruitment video. Please for the love of God do not pair flower crowns with these.

3. Sandals

Joie Gladiatior Sandal Erlina Shultz Ballerina flat

To continue on the subject of footwear, a versatile pair of sandals is essential, but we would rather walk barefoot than slip on those hideous Jack Rogers because this is life, not a shuffleboard tournament at your grandma’s nursing home in Palm Beach.

4.   Two Great Pairs of Jeans

Rag & Bone Skinny Soft Rock w. Holes 

Two great pair of jeans, one in black and one denim, ensures that no shirt you own will go unmatched.

5. White Blouse

Revolve Elizabeth and James Belinda Blouse 


A white blouse that goes with everything adds neutrality to louder outfits.

6. Aviator Sunglasses 

Dior Aviator Glasses | Komono in tortoise shell 

Aviator sunglasses look good on everyone and go with everything. Note, there are more original alternatives to the Ray-Bans that you lost on the beach last spring break.

7.   Fur Jacket

Fifi Marabou Feather 3/4 Sleeve Lucy Paris Faux Fur Shag Perfect Vest

Whether you’re on team faux or fur-sure, fur vests and jackets complement every outfit and add polish.






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