Barack Obama Gave a Badass Speech From the Oval Office

Since the mass shooting in San Bernardino last week, the topic of gun control in the US has been a super hot topic. To discuss this, as well as the general fight against terrorism, Barack Obama decided to give a speech from the Oval Office, which is pretty rare.

In the short speech, he confronted those who say he’s been too lenient about ISIL (which is the same thing as ISIS, fyi) by laying out a specific plan to eliminate them as a threat. The best part was when he was like “hey Congress! If you think ISIL is such a problem, you should go ahead and vote so we can actually use our resources to do something about it!” We’re not exactly foreign policy experts, but this seems to make sense to us.

Barack also talked about gun control, not saying anything radical but emphasizing that no one on an international no-fly list should be able to buy a weapon in this country because FUCKING DUH. Like, people are allowed to have differing (stupid) opinions but like wtf.

We’ll never be experts on politics, but anyone who’s down to destroy ISIL is cool with us. Just don’t bring the draft back please, because we wouldn’t last an hour in the army.


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