Some Nerds Figured Out Who Banksy Is

The greatest mystery of our century has been revealed. Apparently some nerds with really good science and math skills used location technology to find the real identity of Banksy. But if we’ve learned anything from Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars, finally finding out the real identity behind a mysterious figure is always a little anticlimactic.

I mean, there’s probably a great reason Banksy stayed anonymous this long. He looks just like an average white dude and his work speaks for itself. The scientists wrote a really long review of why this information is accurate, but we didn’t read it. So we’re going to take their word for it. But who knows? This could be another elaborate set-up from Banksy himself to show us the power of media headlines.

These scientists make a pretty strong case for this guy’s real identity.  I don’t know what I thought Banksy looked like, but much like how Shakespeare was clearly one guy, people still want to believe he’s some ethereal creature or a collection of multiple people. We’re sure even if this Robin Gunningham guy is out in the public as Banksy, people are still going to have theories about him being a different person.


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