The Betches Guide to Balmain for H&M

I have to say that betches typically like the H&M collabs and basics like the Target collabs. The first has done Alexander Wang and the second did Lilly Pulitzer. As you can see, whole different levels, and it looks like this Balmain one WILL NOT DISSAPOINT. We will be waiting in line at 5am with all the weirdos, trust me, it’s worth it.

They re-created a few of their signature, Kardashian-approved dresses, at betch-level pricing (around $200-$600 for the good stuff).

Also, loving the jackets. The leather one, is just, well I can’t even. But the one that Kendall wore, I don’t recommend most people wear it with just their boobs hanging underneath.

Unfortunately, that is more of a “runway” look than street wear. However, I know I am talking to betches, so I’m sure there are a few of you skinny enough to pull it off. Regardless, LOVE.

So, you know where I’ll be on November 5th.


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