Is He A Bad Texter Or Is He Just Not That Into Me? Dear Betch…

Dear Betch,

I think I’m afflicted with some crazy bitch syndrome right now. I’m a senior in college, so obviously I’ve suddenly decided that I need a boyfriend before I graduate to give my life meaning. That being said, there are some major issues with this decision. The first is that since my ex-not-boyfriend broke my heart into a million pieces the first week of my freshmen year of college, I’ve never had feelings for anyone. The second is that the previously stated situation threw me into a deep dark whole of sluttiness for a semester or so that I did bounce back from, but I was literally having great, unattached sex for a long while. Third, I’m on Tinder AND bumble, which I know is obviously not the best way to find myself a boyfriend.

I had been really happy with myself being free and unattached and being able to tell my mom that I don’t have a boyfriend because I don’t want or need a boyfriend to be happy, and that I’m not even interested in anyone anyway.

Now, My life is upside down. I met a guy on Tinder who goes to my school and is also a senior. By some weird act of god we didn’t already know each other, but he’s also on the baseball team (extra points for the hot bod). He left a bar early on Friday to see me since I was too hungover to go to the bar myself, and lo and behold my slut self came out and I had sex with him (oops?). But only after he went out of his way to introduce me to 3 guys from his team who were at his house and we smoked a huge bong with them and chatted for a while. So the sex – it was incredible. Considering I’m pretty seasoned (refer to freshmen year) that’s a lot coming from me. He repeatedly told me how pretty I am. I slept there. We snuggled. Cute shit you get the idea. We woke up and had more sex like some animals in the forest, then he introduces me to MORE people who had slept on his couch. He drove me home and I sent him a quick facebook message (phone was in the toilet don’t judge me) thanking him for driving me because I realized I was a heartless bitch. He responded a few hours later and started asking me casual questions to keep the conversation going until that night when he stops responding. 2 days later, I get my phone fixed and text him letting him know I’m mobile again. He responds excitedly and we flirt for another night and day, and then he just stops.

The issue is I’ve decided I really, really like him. He’s not even my usual type, he’s just so wonderful.

Was he just in it for the sex? Do I say goodbye forever? Why did he introduce me to all of his friends? We talked forever before we met. And he seemed like he really wanted to keep talking to me until now. Is it possible that he’s just a bad texter or am I kidding myself?

Help me betch, please.


Newly Crazy Person

Dear Crazytown,

Like alcoholism, the first step to recovering from being a BSCB is admitting you have a problem, so props to that. First of all, you were in a non-relationship your freshman year of college and this guy got you fucked up for the next three years? The first WEEK of your first YEAR of college some guy broke your heart?? How is that even possible? Did you make out at a kegger (do people still say that) on night one of orientation and then night 5 you saw him making out with another girl and it crushed you for the next three years?? Are you Amanda from AYTO?? Or was this a guy you knew in high school? If so, ignore my past rant. Proceed.

So, okay. I understand that there are a lot of mixed signals. On the one hand, most bros won’t introduce you to their entire friend circle unless you’re legit. On the other hand, two days is a long time to ghost on someone. Still, you emailed me, like, yesterday, so the jury’s still out on whether or not he’s truly ghosted you yet. But even if he does emerge from the woodwork with some excuse like being a bad texter (which it doesn’t seem like if he’s been responsive thus far) or breaking his phone, you should think long and hard about whether you want to put up with someone who does this. I may get hate for this in the comments, but come the fuck on. It’s 2015. We’re all glued to our fucking phones. You can get your texts sent to your wrist now. Short of backpacking through a remote part of India or camping at Bonnaroo, there’s no reason it should take more than a few hours at most to get some sort of reply/sign of life from someone. If you let this slide you’re setting yourself up for a long session of mind-fucking, and idk about you but I certainly ain’t got time for that.

There are plenty of other other dicks in the sea (and on tinder),

The Betches

P.S. FWIW you’ve only known this guy for like, a few days, so how badly could it fuck you up? Oh wait…

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