​Betchiest Bad Guy Alan Rickman Dies At 69​

Betches everywhere are mourning the loss of Alan Rickman – Professor Snape – Hans Gruber for you 80’s betches. He passed away last night at the age of 69 after suffering from cancer. 

Much like David Bowie, his illness was kept under wraps.

Rickman’s fellow actors took to Twitter and Instagram (except for Danielle Radcliffe, who posted to Google freaking + of all things) to share their memories and condolences. Contrary to the people he played on screen, it turns out Alan was actually like, a really nice guy.

Nice girl Emma Watson showcased his support for the Feminist movement: 

And of course, Jo Rowling, who essentially caused the re-birth of Alan Rickman for a whole new generation to love and adore, took to Twitter:

Even sub-Harry Potter characters (Padma Patil and Victor Krum, to name a few for the Potter Heads) tweeted about the “role model and truly amazing person” Rickman was.

Personally, I’ll be crying for the rest of the day and unable to ever watch or read the Harry Potter series ever again. 

While I have seen Die Hard and appreciate the other works Alan Rickman produced, nothing will ever come close to his role in the Harry Potter films.

Some would argue that the books will always be better than the movies, but you can’t argue that the book Snape was better than the movie Snape because they were literally the same thing – quirky voice, prolonged words and all.

RIP, Alan Rickman. The Betches will remember you…always. 



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