Bacon Flavored Seaweed Is The New Kale

As if we could love Oregon any more this month, researchers at Oregon State University announced they have found and patented a type of seaweed that tastes like bacon.

The red marine algae, which sounds super gross when you say it like that, called “dulse” (pronounced like pulse) grows super quickly and provides plant proteins and also happens to taste like bacon when you fry it.Dulse sounds like the name of a Vegas nightclub but it actually has all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants of seaweed, but happens to taste not disgusting.

In fact, some nutritionists are hoping dulse grows in popularity so it can replace bacon and other meaty flavors in the diets of people who have high cholesterol or who don’t eat bacon due to health or religious reasons.

The sea-farming of dulse might also appeal to the eco-betch in all of us, since boring old animal farming on land requires a ton of water and produces a shit ton of carbon emissions. Dulse only requires some seawater and sunshine to grow. 

A lot of these science folks are even saying dulse is the new kale, but even better for you and tastes like your next drunk binge snack food.


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