‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Released Footage Of Corinne And DeMario In The Pool

Remember when Bachelor in Paradise shut down amidst allegations of sexual misconduct between Corinne and DeMario? And remember when they resumed filming and assured us they wouldn’t show the actual incidence of the alleged misconduct during this season? And remember when I didn’t believe them? Well, I’m not going to say I told you so, but they are really toeing that line. They literally opened with footage of Corinne and DeMario getting into a pool in the Bachelor in Paradise teaser that aired during the After The Final Rose special. If you didn’t watch After The Final Rose (don’t blame you tbh) ABC released footage of Corinne and DeMario in the latest BiP superteaser, which you can watch now. 

The teaser shows Corinne and DeMario getting into the pool, presumably about to get down. Everything appears to be fine and consensual, which obviously raises a lot of questions, like “WTF happened that night?” and “Why did they shut down production in the first place?” 

DeMario said in an interview with ET, ““I’m glad footage of that day is being shown. I’ve always stuck to my truth and said, ‘roll the tape.’ This is a victory for all men who have been falsely accused.”

But Corinne’s team was not pleased with that statement, and they fired back in a statement to the LA Times. She said, “According to the post, DeMario Jackson said he is ‘glad’ that ‘footage of his controversial pool encounter’ with Corinne was shown during the latest BIP promo. As DeMario is well aware, the footage that was in the promo was not of the encounter that caused production to be shutdown. The encounter that caused production to be shut down took place much later in the day, and was in a hot tub, not a pool.”

Wait What

Well, that’s news to me tbh, and I’ve been covering this scandal pretty fucking extensively since it first broke. Unless I did know that and just forgot since there have been approximately 6,000 developments since that time. What year is it? IDK. Just fuck me up. Corinne’s statement continues:

“As DeMario is well aware, and was noted in the ET follow-up post, Corinne has never leveled any accusations at DeMario.”

I mean, that’s technically true, but when you come out and say things like you remember nothing from your alleged encounter with a person and “something bad obviously took place,” it’s easy to see how DeMario could feel attacked. But to say this is “a victory for all men who have been falsely accused” is a bit of a stretch, too. Like, number one, you weren’t outright accused of anything, even if it was perhaps implied. Number two, you were cleared of wrongdoing pretty quickly. It’s not like you had to go to court or even got in trouble with the law. So. I mean. IDK. Just not digging the “Women often lie about rape to ruin the lives of innocent men” vibes I get from this. Am I reading into everything? Probably. Again, just fuck me up.

In conclusion, I’m starting to hate everyone involved in this situation/show/franchise and ABC is a giant fuckboy who will continue to play us for ratings. Watch the teaser below. 


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