Ben The Bachelor Is Like, Getting Into Politics

Ben Higgins crept into the hearts (and probably pants) of three different ladies on The Bachelor. If you can get three women who all know you have other girlfriends to fall in love with you, you’re probably a pretty likable guy.

Higgins is probz counting on that likability to pull him into a political career.

According to The Colorado Independent, Higgins says he’s “seriously considering a run” for a seat in the Colorado House of Representatives to represent House District 4.

Higgins is hoping to nab the seat of the State’s House Speaker Pro Tempore who got arrested for a DUI on St. Paddy’s Day this year.

There’s even a site. The website states: “Thank you for your support as Ben explores his opportunities to make a positive impact on his local community!”

I mean, we already know Ben is capable of making the hard decisions, like the time he had to choose between the hot skinny blonde and the hot brunette with the boobs.

With that kind of record, he’s probably more than capable of fostering a successful career in politics.


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