Betchy Basketball Wife Ayesha Curry Is Releasing a Cookbook

Ayesha Curry, mother of life icon/America’s Sweetheart Riley Curry and wife of NBA baller Steph Curry, has decided to join the club Chrissy Teigen def started and make her own cookbook. And of course, I’m puttin’ that shit on pre-order right now—can I get an amen?

It’s not a big shock that the book, titled The Seasoned Life, is coming out, because anyone who follows Ayesha on social media or knows her like, really well like I do (I met her in a mall once in the Bay Area, practically besties), knows that she’s a legit good cook. Like so fucking good, she got her own Food Network show.

I mean, let’s face it, the Curry family is essentially the most likeable family in the world right now and her book is probs going to sell out in like .6 seconds. So yeah, Steph is a baller, but Ayesha is about to be a big money baller all by herself, which is like UBER betchy. 


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