Avocado Margaritas Are The Best of All Worlds

If you miss summer, hate that it’s dark at like 4 p.m., and aren’t a sugar-crazed freak, the avocado margarita is for you. Not only does it remind us of warmer times, but it takes the often way-too-fucking-sweet Mexican classic and tones it down with one of the betch food groups.

Plus, we love a good spicy zip to anything that isn’t expected – adding chili powder to the usually pedestrian salt accent makes this beverage reminiscent of the days when your bikini bod was slammin’ and not full of Halloween candy.

Ingredients – makes 4 margaritas, or less if you don’t want to share:

  •  – 6 oz. good tequila
  •  – 1 avocado, peeled and pitted
  •  – 2 oz. triple sec
  •  – 4 oz. lime juice
  •  – 1 tbsp. fresh cilantro, chopped
  •  – Salt and chipotle chili powder for the rim

Grab about 2 cups of crushed ice and combine with the tequila, avocado, triple sec, lime, and cilantro in a super powerful blender. Salt /powder the rims of four glasses and pour in your margarita. Take a sip and then take a moment of silence to remember summer 2015. Rest in peace.


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