Avicii Is Retiring From Touring, Sorry Preteens

Sorry kids, but one of the EDM greats is quitting touring for good. I have to admit that I went to an Avicii show when I was 21 and it was completely embarrassing because it was literally only teenagers who were burnt AF. So this is probably a good thing for, you know like society—one less place for America’s youth to indulge in sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll dance music.

Despite how unsufferable his fans are, I think we can all relate to the joy that hearing “Levels” for the first time brought to our pregames. But we shouldn’t freak out because Avicii is not quitting music; he’s just quitting touring around the globe constantly.

He posted one of those annoying really long posts on Facebook, saying how much he loved all his fans and that he was quitting basically because it was destroying his body. Come on Avicii, aren’t you supposed to be the king of EDM? And you can’t handle constant travelling, drinking, and smoking anymore? Geez, and you’re only 26. #Weak

Regardless of his annoying AF post, I just got the sudden urge to blast “Levels” and do a few shots. BRB. 


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