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  • If you were stranded on an island what would you bring?

    So, like, the Fyre Festival. LOL, too soon? Back to the question, though — (strikethru) Alcohol (/strikethru) Water, probs pasta (Can I cook this over a fire? Asking for a friend), something to sleep on, a jacket, and my phone, obviously.

  • What's Your Guilty Pleasure?

    Stalking the Kardashians, large iced coffees all year round, books that probably start with, “The Girl on the [Insert form of transportation here],” literally any carb-loaded pasta dish, and I’m just going to come out and say it… Fireball.

  • Do you think butter is a carb?

    Well, Cady Heron says, yes, but Google says no... Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries.


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