Attention Preteens: Harry Styles Cut Off His Hair

For the past couple years Harry Styles has grown out his hair, for reasons unknown. It was another tragic male celebrity haircut that we’ve been forced to endure (see: Justin Bieber, Tom Brady, Shia LaBeouf). It got to the point where you couldn’t tell him and Kendall Jenner apart when they went to Mexico as “just friends.”

Well, ding dong the fugly hair is dead. Harry cut off his super long hair this weekend and donated it to children who have lost their hair to cancer. Not only is Harry on the path to becoming hot again, but he also gives a shit about sick kids. Be still my heart. Somewhere a little girl will be given a wig made of Harry Style’s hair. I’m sure there is already fan fiction being written about this.


Whoops. #Littleprincesstrust

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