How To Sweat In Style: A Guide to Athleisure

Designers and editors alike used to equate sweatpants to “a sign of defeat.” But skinny betches rejoice, because this is the dawn of a new era: Athleisure. With 2016 came a fashion trend that actually reinforces your New Year’s resolution—what better motivation to sweat than cute workout clothes? And the best part is you don’t even have to be headed to the gym to pull off this look. It’s equally effective in allowing you to be comfortable and chic while you’re hungover and trying to get your shit together.

Where is Kendall going in this picture? To Soul Cycle or to get a giant iced coffee? We’ll never know. We don’t even care. Because she looks ah-mazing. However, for the betches that are actually trying to look hotter naked (is it February already?) we’ve created this guide to help you look #flawless and altheisurely no matter the betchercise. Also, if you’re new to this whole fitness thing, check out the betchiest workouts here.

1. Soul Cycle/Flywheel/Spinning

Indoor cycling is trendy, but out-of-shape betches be warned: It will make you sweat your ass off. That being said, you need workout gear that is both chic af and absorbent, like The Perf Tee by Adidas by Stella McCartney and Prismsport’s Sporty Bra. Also, leggings (like Olympia’s Moto Legging) are a must to stay comfortable on the saddle.

2. Yoga/Pilates/Yogalates/Barre

From an athleisure perspective, all of these can be looped into one category because you need tight clothing that will allow you to be extremely flexible and ensure your instructor can see your movements. We like the Racer Back Tank Top and Long Legging by Mara Hoffman and Koral Activewear’s Aura Tank.

3. Boxing

Boxing is a new betchy workout trend on the rise—you burn a million calories and it’s super badass. You’ll need an outfit you can move in (Koral Activewear’s Aerate Tank is super breezy and their Lustrous leggings are easy to move around in) and a lot of support if you have big boobs (cough, Koral Activewear’s Vertex Versaility bra) because there’s a lot of jumping involved.

4. Interval Training

Interval training includes classes like Barry’s Bootcamp, Orange Theory, etc. You do everything in these classes from sprinting on treadmills to squatting to weight lifting. Basically, this type of workout is for the super athletic betch who doesn’t fuck around. Dress accordingly—Koral Activewear’s Scout Dbl Layer shorts and Muscle tank and The Upside’s Vintage Hawaii Marley Tank all say “I’m hot, but don’t let that fool you because I fuck shit up in the gym.”


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