Asshole Bro at NYU Set A Girl on Fire Just for a Snapchat

In some Brenda Song from Social Network crazy shit, a NYU student set his classmate on fire for a Snapchat. The perp, Jaime Castano, was a student at NYU but is now expelled. Though according to this article it took the school administration almost 2 months before reporting it to the NYPD. Hm. Not quiche.

If you’re asking, wait did I just read that right, yes you did. The victim, who remains unnamed, “fell asleep” in this guy’s dorm apparently and then woke up to being on fire. ON FIRE. This guy says he videotaped her “asleep in his bed with flames on her clothing while [he] sang, then showed her waking up and trying to put out the flames”. Um, was he singing Usher’s ‘Let it Burn’ or something? What the freaking hell?

This is also a lesson to not stay over at a bro’s until morning. Usually we say this for your own emotional protection, but in this case, it applies to physical as well. Like, Irish Exits were invented for a reason.

Also, to make things even more bizarre, the girl apparently “didn't understand what had happened until the next day, when she saw the recording on Snapchat.”  How do you not know you’re on fire? Was everyone on crystal meth? Come on guys, this isn’t Cornell.

Look, we know Snapchatting can get competitive, but let’s not give Isis a run for their money, okay? Fun fact, this bro is reportedly now a real estate agent and “spends a lot of time going to clubs downtown.”  Well, att least he’s not a cop. Get your shit together NYU.


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