Ask A Pro: Can I Ask A Guy I’m Hooking Up With To Manscape?

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Dear Head Pro,

A couple months ago my best guy-friend and I started hooking up. We’ve been friends since our freshman year in college and have been inseparable since. We started hooking up and then last month was my birthday. For weeks before he’d constantly bring it up, saying that he either had no idea what to get me or he got me the perfect gift. My birthday came and he didn’t make any mention of his gift. His birthday was just a few months before mine and I threw him a surprise party and got him a great gift, so I think the precedent is out there that he should’ve definitely gotten me something. Am I being greedy? Should I bring it up? What should I say?

Honestly, it’s just the fact that he couldn’t even be bothered to write a card, after I made his birthday really special, is what’s bothering me.


Dude, Where’s My Present?


Dear Giftless,

Bummer, you’re in a tough spot. I feel like you have every right to be pissed that your close friend turned sex friend didn’t get you so much as an Applebees gift card. On the other hand, I also feel like it’s hard to not come off as greedy AF if you bring it up. That’s just kind of where we are as a society, you know? After all, once you’re over the age of 18, you’re lucky to get anything more than free drinks from anyone other than your parents. Think your aunt’s going to get you anything? Ha, you haven’t called her in like three years.

I think your best bet to address it at all is Christmas, which is rapidly approaching. For starters, if he gets you anything for that, then I would kind of consider the matter closed. But it’s also an opportunity, if he asks what you want, to say something playful like “well I’m expecting a lot since I didn’t get anything for my birthday lol! [smiley][smiley][100 emoji][flame emoji]. That’s an opportunity for him to explain himself, or at least say “shit, she’s right” and correct the situation by showering you in many lavish gifts. A briefcase full of loose, conflict-free diamonds, probably.

If none of that works, he’s probably just poor.

Generous Kisses,

Head Pro

Dear Head Pro,

Here is the situation: I’ve been seeing a guy for the past few months who is really great all around, treats me well is fab. The only problem is that he has a lot of hair down there and doesn’t seem to have a problem with it, but I do. My first reaction was that I was grossed out because a few of the guys I have been with before ‘manscaped.’ It even irritated my skin before. My question is, is there any way to ask him to manscape, do a little cleaning up in that region or will he be totally offended? How do I even bring that up, if it is even socially acceptable to ask?


Clean Shaven

Dear Baby Smooth,

Can we stop calling it “manscaping?” It’s juvenile and suggests that men are too insecure to engage in any kind of grooming unless it’s specifically for them, which is dumb. Just say you want him to shave his meaty clackers, and be done with it. Anyway, you’re right that it’s kind of a touchy subject, even if it’s perfectly normal to prefer he cleans things up down there. The biggest problem is that most of the arguments men use to justify shaving their junk sounds kind of shitty coming from a woman:

You: “But if you trim the bushes, the tree will look bigger!”
Him: “Are you saying I have a small dick?”

You: “Girls like it when guys shave, too!”
Him: “Oh, so you wish I was someone else?”

You: “Your pubes irritate my skin.”
Him: “Well if sex with me is so painful then why bother at all?”

So yeah, you can probably see the issue here. I think you can broach the subject, but do it from a sexy angle, i.e., communicate how hot it would be to you if he trimmed things up down there. Guys will gnaw off one of their own testicles if they think it will get them laid more often. Just ask him — “have you ever shaved down there? I bet it would be so hot if I could feel more of your skin when we do it.” That kind of thing. Of course, this is also all dependent on how far you want him to go. A trim job is one thing, but you may have to compromise if you want him to go full cueball.

You could always just grow yours out and get stuck together like velcro,

Head Pro

Send your questions about birthday presents and ball shaving to, and follow him on Instagram at @betchesheadpro (they won’t let him post pictures of his balls, but he tries).


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