Asian Glow Is A Genetic Mutation

We all have that friend who turns bright red after three drinks, like she's the fucking girl on fire and she's usually the TAB of your bestie group. It's called “Asian Glow” and it's embarrassing. Well, scientists have officially found a specific gene that makes people turn red, even if they're not lightweights. This gene makes your body process alcohol a lot slower, so it's in your blood stream for a lot longer. AKA your body can't get rid of the alcohol so it collects and turns you red, kind of like your regrets on a walk of shame.

About 50% of East-Asians have the gene, which explains why the token Asian betch can do shots like a fucking pro without turning into a tomato. But you can only have the gene if you have East-Asian ancestry. So if somebody doesn't have an Asian grandparent, then some biddie in the family had an affair.




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